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Community College Education – 4 Disadvantages

There are many positive aspects to community college education. However there are also some negatives. We prefer to look for the positive, and we choose to overlook the negative. The positive aspects of community college education outweigh all the negatives. The bigger picture is crucial if you want to study at the university level and choose to attend community college education. We will discuss some of the negative aspects associated with community college education below. If you want to be successful and get the best solution in going to college you need to know about the benefits of community college

1. Students who plan to transfer from the community college to university should ensure that their courses are compatible with those at the university. These are generally compatible. However there may be some exceptions. If you are interested in attending a University that is near your current community college you can find out if they have any agreement that will allow you to transfer associate degree holders to the university.

2. A disadvantage of a college community is that it doesn’t offer student housing. They are predominantly commuter campuses. Students prefer to use them for academic development, rather than student housing. The college may offer residential campuses, which allow students to enjoy extracurricular activities such as sports or other activities. Most community colleges in rural regions offer student accommodation.

3. Community colleges have a smaller selection of courses than universities, but they offer more variety. For an associate degree, you might need an additional semester or year. Universities, however, offer greater flexibility in choosing classes and more options, particularly for the lower level graduate courses.

4. The libraries of community colleges are significantly smaller than those at universities. This hinders students’ research abilities. This is simply because universities have a greater budget to spend on research facilities and libraries than do community colleges. The universities are able to afford large libraries for their students.