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A Christian’s View on Ghosts

Have you ever lived inside a haunted house before? I’m sure I have.

I was born and grew up in a small Maryland village just outside Washington DC. It was a nice home. It was a Christian place. It was the type home that many would like to have grown-up in. But at night, it could be a strange place. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know about the meaning of 333


I was a child and had become used to the sounds of breathing. The creaking and creaking of stairs when there was no one on them. The feeling of someone sitting on the edge, even though I was completely alone.

One fateful night, I was priviledged to see my maternal grandfather lift a picture of me to look at him.

After many years, my mother eventually admitted that she heard the same things “go bumpin’ in the night” even though she was denial for so long.

These paranormal activity continued unabated over many years. After major renovations by my parents, the paranormal activity abruptly stopped.

My childhood was filled with watching old Universal Studios’ monster films. So, I thought I knew everything there is to know about werewolves, vampires, mummies, ghosts, and other related creatures. I had a Ouijaboard and knew how to conduct séances. What else could you want to know?

But this was many, many years back. And today’s youths have become more accustomed to worsening conditions than I could ever imagine in those days.

Ghosts and the paranormal have been enjoying a media boom. Paranormal Witness (True Blood), Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventurers and Ghost Mine are just a few of the programs that you can watch on the TV. The true events of our lives have caused us to be so desensitized that movies like Friday the Thirteenth, Friday the Thirteenth and Ghost Hunters are all but irrelevant in comparison to Hollywood’s big money making films like The Exorcist or The Chainsaw Massacre.

We’re obsessed with the paranormal, as a culture. It would seem that more people want to be able “I see dead people”, as Cole did with The Sixth Sense.

Paranormal is becoming more popular and is also more widely accepted. People are comfortable with spells, fortune-telling, horoscopes, fortune cards, Ouija board, and many other paranormal abilities.

Ghosts are a part of human history since antiquity. Every nation and culture has its own stories about things that go bump at night. Stories that tell of rattling doors, loathsome moans or shadows sneaking from room to room, and the sound of footsteps creeping on the ground have been told since the beginning of time.

There are many stories about ghostly hitchhikers. Stories have been told of Victorian-era homes in which vague images were seen wafting down staircases. Many tales tell of old mafia gangsters or mafia members still residing in their cellblocks. Stories of the unseen are all over, from major cities to rural areas.

We hold onto every word of these stories. We seem to have an uncanny association with these unseen entities. Sometimes we may cry when we hear a child whispering in an old abandoned nursery. Sometimes our hair may stand up on our necks while someone is watching us go about our daily activities.

These stories can be used to scare, entertain, or even mislead you, regardless of what they may be.