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The Flag Code For American Flags

American flags are displayed outside and inside almost all government buildings, on many occasions. Flag Code is required to be adhered when displaying an American atlantic flag pole. The Flag Code is a list that outlines how to display a flag from specific flagpoles in certain situations and relative to other flags. You can display a flag outside your home or in towns by hanging it above the street. Flag Code does not have a penalty, but it is considered disrespectful to display an American flag incorrectly.

For example, the Flag Code stipulates that an American flag must be displayed on a flagpole, or on a staff. First, the flag must be flown from a pole or staff with the union (or blue field with star) on the right and left of the viewer. If the American flag is displayed in the same space as other flags on poles the American flag must always be in front. If the American flag is displayed in an auditorium or church, it should be at the right of the speaker. Additionally, other flags should be displayed on the same pole. The American flag should always be at the top and other city or state flags below. The flag must always be displayed at its peak, except where the Flag Code states otherwise.

There are other rules for displaying American flags in public places. If the flag is located in the middle, the union must be facing north if it runs east-to-south. But, if it runs north-to-south, the union must be facing the easy. The American flag should be kept away from buildings if it is displayed by an individual or business on a staff. The union should be visible in the upper right corner of the flag if the flag is not flat or without a staff.