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High Pressure Sales Techniques Should Be Avoided by Piano Shoppers – A Piano Purchase May Not Be Necessary!

It can be overwhelming to shop for pianos. If you’re new to pianos, don’t feel pressured to rush in. The buyer of a first piano will often have different needs than the seller. You might feel pressured into buying a piano that doesn’t fit your current comfort level. Let’s look at what typical piano store buyers think. I will refer to them as Jim and Mary Forte in this article.

Typical Piano Shopping Concerns

The Forte family is a hypothetical family that would love their children to learn to play the piano. However, like all parents, they worry about whether they will be able to afford a high-end piano or how their children will perform with lessons. But they realize that their children won’t be able to learn the piano from a toy or cheap keyboard if they want them to be successful.

Over the years, I sold pianos in Phoenix, AZ. I met many parents who were willing and able buy a great musical instrument for their child. But they wanted to see measurable progress, which I now realize makes a lot sense. Parents may find this a useful idea, but in the real world, piano dealers don’t want to hear it.

My job was to convince piano buyers to purchase “right now” when I was selling them pianos. While I believed there was a better way to help them, in those days that was all it took, either you sold or your family starved. Unfortunately, this outdated marketing philosophy means that thousands of pianos are left abandoned in their homes. They’re rarely used for much longer than a few months. This is precisely what many prospective piano buyers fear.

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