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What is the Best Grill for BBQ?

People are starting to pull out their grills and barbecue grills now that we have turned the corner into summer. This is a good time to invest in a new grill. There are many different types of grills. Be careful! If you prefer a grill that is simple and clean with little flavor, you will want a propane one. These grills come in a variety of price points, from well under a thousand dollars to $ 100.00. Even though you don’t have to use a smoker tin for BBQ, you can still get great flavor. You can smoke your BBQ with wet would chips by placing them inside the metal tinder boxes. This isn’t my idea of a good solution, but it can work! Come and visit our website search it on grillsadvisor.com you can learn more.

Weber produces a wide range charcoal and wood grills. These grills can be purchased in various sizes and price ranges. There are also many heavy ceramic grills, ranging from the Big Green Egg to the Komodo. These types of ceramic beehive grills are a favorite of many friends. They are also very heavy, compact and difficult to transport.

You will also find many grills with temperature and time control. These grills use pellets. Pellets have no comparable to wood. While you might be comfortable with the “set it to forget it” mode, consider the poor construction and thin materials. Do you think it will last? The large investment of $ 500-700 is not worthwhile. You will never meet one of their salesmen. All they want is for you to purchase the grill. They’ll show you the recipe books and help you figure out how to cook it.

Instead, invest a little in a barrel barbecue. Spend $100 at your local store for home improvements. Get some charcoal, a few wood chips and a book about smoking to learn. A few of the smaller grills I have, less than $ 100.00 have lasted ten years. Then, I throw them out. The best investment and value is to learn as you grill.